Working Photographer

Portrait photography, AKA portraiture is photography of a person or group of people meant to capture their emotion/meaning/message/etc. using effective lighting, backdrops and poses. However, portrait photography is not restricted to people. It is still possible to capture the message or emotion of an object, as much as is possible.


Steve McCurry, a well known photojournalist for Magnum Photos is recognized popularly by his 1984 photo “Afghan Girl” which was featured in a National Geographic magazine. He has received many awards, namely the “Magazine Photographer of the Year”, awarded by the National Press Photographers Association. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Febuary 24th, 1950.


3 of Steve McCurry’s photographs


I think Steve McCurry is very employable because of his knowledge in balancing contrast and saturation. All of the pictures I have seen of his seem very close to real life color and lighting wise.


3 other portrait photographers: – greyscale portraits (Lee Jeffries) – tribe portraits (Jimmy Nelson) – general portraits, people, animals, etc, (David Lazar)


I chose portrait photography as my style because I want to improve myself in this area. I’m familiar with long exposures and macro photography, but I want to be able to take pictures of people, maybe as a career. I think that portraits are one of the harder styles of photography to master because you’re trying to capture emotion which does not exist in the form of light, which is what your camera captures.


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